Observing the Superiority of Ceramic Bathroom Sinks

Ceramic Bathroom Sinks may not be your first option when it comes to bathroom features but after you read this piece on, they could be high on top of your list of priority. For all this time, you could have thought that a ceramic sink is way too inferior compared to ceramics with other materials such as limestone. You have all the rights in the world to think so because, really, ceramic is not that exciting to be used as a material for bathroom features. Limestone, marble, or travertine is way richer in esthetic values and glass is much more elegant and sophisticated.

Ceramic Bathroom Sinks, however, have what those sinks do not. Sure, limestone, marble, and travertine sinks are beautiful, what with the veining on their surface. Sure, glass sinks are exclusive and elegant at the same time. But stone-made sinks are prone to scratching and chipping off while glass is way more fragile than any other reasonable materials for a sink, no matter how well the glass is treated to be resistant to shocks. Ceramic virtually has no these limitations in its application. Unlike glass, ceramic is tolerant to temperature changes. Unlike limestone (and its derivatives), ceramic is impervious to scratches.

Ceramic Bathroom Sinks are also durable. With a higher level of resistance against scratches, chances of cracks developing also drop. Hairline scratches and tiny cracks may not pose that big of a threat but once they develop into deeper cracks, dirt piles up and bacteria thrive. Ceramic is also less porous, making it resistant to flavors and smells that could otherwise get trapped within the pores. In this sense, a ceramic sink is way more hygienic than other materials. Ceramic sink is also more affordable than stone or glass sinks, which is why it should be your top choice when you are working with a tight budget.