These Three Things Will Affect The Selection Of Marquee For A Party

A wedding party held in an outdoor area will certainly present a different atmosphere. So, what you need is to choose the right type of marquee. At you can get marquee type with good quality and exact.

In addition, some of these things will also affect the selection of marquee you do.

– Pay attention to technical matters
Already know what the rules at the wedding venue if you want to install a tent? What about the tent installation schedule? Better rent a tent 3 months before the event.

– Make sure the size is right
Tents that are too big or too small will make the party uncomfortable. The calculation of the size of the tent can be based on the number of guests coming, seating area, catering table, and other dishes.

– The right location
Take a look at the scenery around your venue, because you can take advantage of the beauty around the venue to support the look of your tent. Place also the tent at a distance that is not too close to other buildings to look balanced with the venue.