It’s How To Keep Customers Not Lost In The Car Rental Business

One of the obstacles of having a car rental business is when your customers suddenly turn to other car rentals. So, you should anticipate this in order to get a regular customer. In the sewa mobil palembang you can see their customers do not move the place because of the services provided.

The main purpose of car rental is only one, so customers can use the car freely as their own. Most car rental businesses do not have any other characteristics other than their cars that can be rented. This can make customers move easily, especially if the car stock is running out.

So, try thinking about what characteristics or images you can create for a car rental business. For example, your character is always a new car and free three-hour rental. The more unique and profitable the trademark, the customer will not move to other competitors. If you can not think of a characteristic, hold a promo or a specific activity that can attract customers to keep using your business.