Air Shipping, This is The Aircraft That Used

Delivery by land, of course, you already know well. However, please note that there are other shipping that you should also know very well, namely air delivery. There are several types of cargo that can be sent by air. If something is broken, then the Rescue hoist will fix it and handle it very well.

Also note that from the aspect of the use of fleets or aircraft, usually used are old aircraft previously used to transport passengers and converted into cargo planes. Although there are also air cargo service companies that use new aircraft to carry out air delivery operations. The use of passenger aircraft as a fleet for air cargo is related to load cargo. In the air transportation business, there are often empty passenger seats, with business considerations, then the empty seat capacity is used for air cargo.

With the delivery by air, then you can send various types of goods in accordance with the cargo you need without waiting for a long time.