Dealing with the walls during an electrical appliance installation

Making Holes (wall) on this wall serves for the installation of Tedus (Switchbox / Socket), and the number of holes created tailored to your needs. Aside from that, don’t hesitate to call the Electricians for commercial work whenever you need the professionals for your house electrical installation.

Installation Switches for lights there are two options, namely:

Single Switch (for 1 piece lamp)

Double Switch (for 2 pieces lamp)

The selection of this switch can also be adjusted to your needs, if in a room will be installed 2 pieces of lights, then you should use a Double switch, to be more efficient and hole walled which made enough 1 hole.

Pave the wall for Cable and Pipelines

After we have broken the wall where the switch and the wall outlet, then we break the wall from the Hole Switch/socket upwards (Ceiling), This hole is used to place the cable lines and pipes.

After the holes for the cable line is completed, can be directly installed 5/8 “PVC pipe and clamped using a pipe clamp, This pipe to protect the cable lines will be installed in it.