Things to Look For After Buying a New Mobile Phone

In the holidays later this year, are you interested in purchasing new gadgets? Of course, there will usually be many promos of gadget sales in these year-end holiday periods. However, once you buy a new gadget, there are a few things to keep in mind. This time, we will discuss the things to note after you buy a new phone at the cheapest place to buy phone online.

1. Good Initial Charging Cycle

When you first buy a mobile phone, pay attention to how the battery charging. It would be very nice to have several full batteries charging cycles to ensure the battery works perfectly. Here’s a good sequence:

– Charge to full (unbroken)
– Wear the phone until the battery runs out (without a short charge)
– Charge the phone battery to full charge (uninterrupted)

Some parties suggest that the first charge (step 1) should be done long enough (more than 6 hours). This is no harm done, it’s just, based on experience, not very influential.

Note: After several months, resume the battery charging cycle as written above to maintain battery durability and battery status calibration.

2. Use Screen Protector

Try to install screen protector if the new mobile phone is not accompanied by the protector. For most mobile phone products, the purchase package is not accompanied by the provision and installation of screen protector so it must be purchased separately. The screen protector is very useful to protect the phone screen from scratches and for some types also avoid fingerprints stick (make dirty screen). Make sure to buy a screen protector with good quality, especially for those who use a smartphone with a touchscreen display.

3. Do not Install Unlicensed Applications

Do not install unlicensed apps. For new mobile phones, install applications that you really need and get to an official place (eg Android app from Android Market). Read the review of the application to be installed in the description or application description available in the app store/marketplace.