The mistakes in consuming the Ayahuasca tea

There are some people who’ve been traumatized by the journey that they’ve gone through under the psychedelic effect of the ayahuasca plant. It’s understandable that the stories of those who’ve gone through the trip can tease many people curiosity, but it doesn’t mean that anyone can consume ayahuasca recklessly without any expert’s supervision, all the while their goal is just getting themselves high. That’s why the mistakes in consuming ayahuasca must be avoided, and you may visit to find out more about the plant and its healing center.

1. Consuming it without any preparations

Under the supervision of the experts, patients of the ayahuasca healing center must do a lot of preparations before they’re allowed to drink the ayahuasca tea. Expect to find a lot of troubles during the “trip” if one consumes the tea without any preparation.

2. Giving it to someone who is clueless about the plant

This can be very dangerous. Never consider that giving somebody ayahuasca as a prank, due to its psychedelic effect can be too hard for some people to handle.

3. Consuming the tea excessively

Even for those who’ve undergone the journey, drinking the ayahuasca tea more than the advised amount can be very dangerous both for their mind and body.