Remember these when you’re setting a plastic injection mold machine

After setting the open/close, then tested the movement of open mold open. The core of this set is a safe mold and efficient movement. Then close to the new mold high limit adjustment switch, adjusting the limit switch is as sensitive as possible with the aim if there is a foreign object or the movement of mold no smooth high pressure does not occur so mold is not damaged. Pressure maximum high press is 140Kg / cm² is low-pressure maximal 55kg / cm². Meanwhile, you might want to check out the excellent injection mold manufacturer china as well.

The next step is to set the ejector. Set the length of the ejected stroke until the product is easily picked up or dropped and the ejector plate should not get stuck with the back plate of the core.

Next set the injection, first set the inject time, set with the estimated time of filling the material into the mold. Then set the position of standard injection speed and press. For injection speed symbol V, while pressing injection P and position displacement pressure and speed Pos. V1 = 25, V2 = 40, V3 = 30, P1 = 40, P2 = 60, P3 = 35. For posts set from Pos1 to Pos3 with the Product forecast so 90%, and 10% using holding. This is a way of adjusting for common product products because the adjustment of these products varies greatly depending on the needs. The more we face the problem of the setting process the more advanced we are to set up the product.

Next Charging settings or the amount of material we need to make the product in one shot.

Adjust the Stroke Material with an approximate weight of the product before it set the 60% screw rotation speed and Back press 10 kg / cm². The function of the back press is to stabilize the slide of the material into the screw.

Then the machine on the road manually.old close —-> high press —-> Inj. unit forward —> inject —–> Charging —-> Cooling —-> open —-> Eject.

When we have injected manually we are setting up the finished product 60 & sd 80% we run semi-automatic until the product becomes 80% sd 90%, we hold the holding speed, Holding press and Holding time until the product becomes 100%, in accordance with the quality of the product which we expect.

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