Japan car VS Europe car: Economy vs Luxury

Japan designed the car by thinking of practicality and efficiency, including in terms of fuel. Japanese cars are more economical than European cars. Large engine power and RWD or AWD layout in European cars make fuel consumption is more wasteful than Japanese cars. FWD layout makes the engine power in Japanese cars more efficient thus saving fuel consumption. The weight of European car vehicles is generally heavier than Japanese cars or even still heavier than Import used cars from Japan, it also affects the fuel consumption of vehicles.

Winner: Japan

Can not be denied a car sometimes becomes a symbol of prestige, prestige or prestige for the owner. Not a few people who take into account such factors in buying a car. In this case, the German trio is already known as a symbol of establishment and prestige for its owners. The appeal is not just from its brand or brand, but the three car manufacturers are indeed designing the car with a very attractive from both the exterior, interior, features and more.
Winner: Europe